Ina Hsu "Ich, kann dich sehen II"

Am 13.01.14 ab 20:00 Uhr

Ina Hsu "Ich, kann dich sehen II"
Date: 13.01.2014 – 07.02.2014
Time: 18:30
Free entrance
Venue: MOYA - Museum of Young Art Palais Schönborn, Renngasse 4, 1010 Vienna
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Ina Hsu is an artist who uses painting as a way to discover her own middle balance. The artist is of Taiwanese origin, but her Austrian mentality leads to ambivalent feelings in her art. Since her early childhood, Ina Hsu improved herself with the presence of animals and created a protection of “being different” from others. Her work is based on creative processes and the brush strokes on her art are identifiable. The goal of her work is to create a connection with her as well as a calling to discover the personal reality of someone’s self. The animal part of Ina Hsu´s art is inspired from countless media articles, animal miniatures, preparations and much more. This is how she succeeds to concentrate on a specific animal, which later on is connected with a person that she wants to illustrate. The animal topic has also been covered by the artists Henri Rousseau and Aloys Zötl and was of great importance in their work. Nowadays, this topic is applied to amplify the attempt to create an open view of the world. Ina Hsu was born in Innsbruck in 1976. This is still her hometown and workplace. She completed her art studies and graphic with excellence at the “Kunstuniversität of Linz by Ursula Hübner”, where she also received an Honor’s degree. Since then, there has been at least one annual individual or group exhibition including her.

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